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Islamic Toys

Visit our shop and see our great range of Islamic Toys!

At Al Hidaayah we have a great range of Islamic ToysIslamic toys and multimedia products including board games and puzzles. Visit our store or read on for more details!


Islamic Books

A large library of wisdom from our UK based store.

islamic booksAl Hidaayah stock and publish a large range of Islamic books on a wide range of subjects. Read on for more information or browse our online shop to see our range of Islamic learning books and materials.


Islamic DVDs

A wide range of Islamic DVDs at Al Hidaayah

We have a wide range of Islamic DVDs for visual learning on offer through our store. Please read on for further information and visit our store to browse.


Companions Books

A great range of companions books from Al Hidaayah

The companions books range from Al Hidaayah. Please read on for further information or visit our store to purchase.


Hajj Books

Collections of Hajj books from Al Hidaayah

Hajj Books from Al Hidaayah. A collection of Hajj books from some of the most respected authors on the subject, available through our web store. Read on for more information and visit our store.


Tafseer Books

Tafseer books to enlighten from Al Hidaayah

Tasfeer books help us to understand the Q'uran. read on for more information or visit our store to purchase your Tafseer books


Qibla Compass

Essentials from Al Hidaayah - make sure you have a Qibla compass

A selection of Qibla compass which can be given as gifts or used yourself. Read on for more details.


Islamic Software

Islamic software for learning and study.

Islamic software from Al Hidaayah publishing house and bookstore offers real learning in an interactive package. Read more for further details...


Islamic Posters

We have a great range of Islamic posters in our store!

A great range of Islamic posters for everyone. Single posters and multipacks available.


Children's Islamic Books

A great range of childrens Islamic books from Al Hidaayah

Al Hidaayah stock a wide range of children's Islamic books from a number of well known authors. Our collections allow your child to grow and understand whilst learning the values and teachings of Islam.


Quran Audio CD's

A great range of audio CDs from Al Hidaayah

quran audio cdsHear the voice of the Quran. Audio CDs from Al-Hidaayah

Containing guidance and instruction for the Muslim way of life, the Quran is not merely a list of rules to be obeyed. The Quran has a voice. This voice, when read with rhythm and emotion, is incredibly powerful. We have audio translations in English for an insight into the Quran, and Arabic language readings which help the listener to absorb the teachings of the Quran in a most enjoyable way.

Al Hidaayah have a wide selection of audio CDs with teachings from the Quran, all available with fast delivery and of course secure shopping via our website.

In your own home you can enjoy listening to the world of the Quran open up to you, from indepth treatise and lectures on the subject, to the rich and full verses from the Quran itself. By looking through our online store you will see an incredible collection of Quran audio CDs and find works that explain, encourage and educate.

Bringing the word of the Quran to you with Audio CDs in our online store

Quran audio CDs available as individual Juzz volumes, as well as wonderful multi CD sets covering the complete Quran.


Black Seed Products

A range of essential black seed products from Al Hidaayah

black seed productsA range of black seed products offering real health benefits

Al Hidaayah stock a range of black seed products which offer real health benefits, infact consumption of black seed has been shown to aid ailments with kidney, liver, intestinal problems and respiratory health. This unassuming herb is known by many names including black cumin, and black caraway, being used for hundreds of years throughout the world.


Hadith Books

A collection of narrative books about the teachings of Prophet Muhammad

hadith booksVia our website you will find a great collection of Hadith Books including explanations of Hadith and both large and small collections.

In our collections of hadith books we have Saheeh Muslim 7 Volumes Published by Darussalam, an authentic set of 7 volumes translated into modern English using a clear and easy to read style. This collection is the most authentic book of Hadith after Sahih Al-Bukhari and contains 7,563 Ahadith.

Currently we have this fine collection of Hadith books on offer, reduced from the normal price of £89.95. You can find this 7 volume collection in our web store by navigating to our hadith books section.

Tafsir Books

Comments and Analysis of the Q'uran by leading authors

tafsir booksAl Hidaayah stock a wide range of tafsir books from widely recognised scholars who talk through different teachings from the Q'uran.

We stock Tafsir books covering diverse subjects like 'why do we pray?' and 'Surat An Naba'

Currently you can enjoy a massive 50% off our collection of Tafsir books in our stock clearance sale. Please take a look at our collections and purchase via our website.

Prayer Mats

A good range of prayer mats in our online shop

Al Hidaayah have a great range of prayer mats in our online shop with contemporary designs and a number of colours.


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Islamic Calendar 2010

An essential calendar for all those who follow Islam

A well laid out Islamic calender for 2010, with all of the important dates and information on the calendar.

The easy to read 365 day layout gives immediate reminders of important dates and events so that nothing is missed and the format is large enough so that notes can be added if required.

Right now we have 15% off this product as well as many others, plus a massive 50% off selected items in our stock clearance sale - there has never been a better time to visit Al Hidaayah!

Islamic Book Sale

Massive 50% off clearance sale on selected items

Right now we have a massive sale on Islamic books via our online store. Read on for further details of our sale, detailing savings to be made and the items we have on offer.


Lailat Al Miraj books at Al Hidaayah

The story of Allah's ascension told

Al Hidaayah have a selection of books describing Lailat Al Miraj, the night journey and ascent of the Prophet Muhammad, and the revelation of Salat.


The Al Hidaayah YouTube channel

Instructional videos on a range of matters

For those of you who wish to see our YouTube channel, our address on YouTube is http://www.youtube.com/user/ALHIDAAYAHLTD

Below you can find one of our instructional videos, filmed at the 2009 Pre-Hajj conference. Here you can see an Ihram demonstration, showing the correct method to fold and wear the Ihram garments.

Islamic Book Sale

20% off in our clearance sale

Everyone loves a bargain... at the moment we have a great selection of books from our ranges including publications by top authors at upto 20% off their recommended prices.  Come down and see us in-store or fill your basket here online to grab some of these books right now!