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Black Seed Products

A range of essential black seed products from Al Hidaayah

black seed productsA range of black seed products offering real health benefits

Al Hidaayah stock a range of black seed products which offer real health benefits, infact consumption of black seed has been shown to aid ailments with kidney, liver, intestinal problems and respiratory health. This unassuming herb is known by many names including black cumin, and black caraway, being used for hundreds of years throughout the world.

Respected organisations have carried out research on the benefits of consuming black seed products and the results of their research is freely available on the web. Claims of benefits include protection of cells in the body against virus infiltration, the degrading of cancerous cells in the body and raising the number of available anti-body cells.

Black seed products also are a valuable source of essential fatty acids and vitamins, zinc and magnesium, iron and selenium, helping the body to heal and be healthy.

Further research shows that black seed products help to stimulate bone marrow production, the body's factory for many immune functions, as well as stimulating the production of anti-body producing B cells.

As well as these amazing properties, black seed products offer antihistamine, antioxidant, antibiotic and broncho dilating effects, meaning that black seed can help the body to fight off allergic reactions to environmental conditions, protect the body from rogue infections and increase lung capacity, aiding breathing.

Black seed products from Al Hidaayah

Shifa Life Herbs has a collection of black seed products that contain additional ingredients designed for specific purposes. Bitter melon and black seed has been specifically formulated to help with blood sugar levels, whereas cod liver oil and black seed is excellent for healthy bones and joints. Al Hidaayah also have a selection of pure black seed products, so please take a look at our online store for a choice of black seed oil, capsules and jam, which are convenient ways to enjoy these black seed products.

Our selection of black seed products will help with various ailments, or provide a supplement to maintain your health. Choose from pure black seed oil or a mixture with other natural ingredients to enhance improved health effects. Of course, with any health supplement, you may wish to seek advice from your doctor, or you can get further information from your mosque.

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