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Quran Audio CD's

A great range of audio CDs from Al Hidaayah

quran audio cdsHear the voice of the Quran. Audio CDs from Al-Hidaayah

Containing guidance and instruction for the Muslim way of life, the Quran is not merely a list of rules to be obeyed. The Quran has a voice. This voice, when read with rhythm and emotion, is incredibly powerful. We have audio translations in English for an insight into the Quran, and Arabic language readings which help the listener to absorb the teachings of the Quran in a most enjoyable way.

Al Hidaayah have a wide selection of audio CDs with teachings from the Quran, all available with fast delivery and of course secure shopping via our website.

In your own home you can enjoy listening to the world of the Quran open up to you, from indepth treatise and lectures on the subject, to the rich and full verses from the Quran itself. By looking through our online store you will see an incredible collection of Quran audio CDs and find works that explain, encourage and educate.

Bringing the word of the Quran to you with Audio CDs in our online store

Quran audio CDs available as individual Juzz volumes, as well as wonderful multi CD sets covering the complete Quran.

Read by incredibly gifted orators, these collections make great gifts for your relatives and friends. We have many recitations by popular narrators that bring emotional and moving readings from the Quran to life.

There are many more examples of Quran audio CDs available, concentrating on many different facets of the Holy Quran and Muslim life. Of course, one of the benefits of the Quran on audio CD is the opportunity to learn and understand how the verses are spoken, with their unique patterns and emphasis. We have many educational CDs to aid not only the learning of the verses, but also to learn the Classical Arabic, the language of Islam and the Quran. Audio CDs for learning are available for all ages – it's never too late to learn!

The convenience of the Quran on audio CDs

Modern life means that we are all pressurised to fit more tasks into the working day, leaving a lack of reflection time. Our range of audio CDs filled with the teachings of the Quran offer easy, relaxing ways in which to absorb the teachings of the Quran whilst doing other tasks - use our Quran on audio CD when relaxing, working, even when preparing meals or walking. This modern and convenient method of accessing the wisdom of the Quran is available through our store for you to enjoy.

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