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Children's Islamic Books

A great range of childrens Islamic books from Al Hidaayah

children's Islamic booksAl Hidaayah have a fantastic range of children's Islamic books specifically written to help your children learn and understand about the world, Islam and themselves.

These books are fantastic for expanding a young child's understanding of the Islamic faith, offering knowledge in a balanced, thoughtful way in a language which children can understand. Take a look at the Eeman reading series by Dr Bilal Philips, now back in print, each book tailored for a specific developmental stage and covering a range of diverse subjects such as learning about colours, numbers and reading. This fantastic series is available in it's entirity via our store.

To complement the Eeman reading series, we have a good selection of children's Islamic books which portray stories from the Quran in a way which children can understand - these valuable lessons willl enable your child to learn and expand from an early age.

Have a look through our online store today for a large collection of children's Islamic books - we change our stock regularly so you are never short of choice!

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