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Islamic Software

Islamic software for learning and study.

islamic softwareAl Hidaayah offer a range of titles in our collection of Islamic software - everything from learning software for baby to interactive versions of the Holy Quran which help the user to understand the teachings contained within.

Our software will run on a variety of Microsoft Windows operating systems and have very low system load so is suitable for older, low specification machines.

Have a look in our online store to find such titles as 'Explore with Urwah' and 'Islamic teachings for Women' which take the user through different aspects of Islamic life, aid learning and act as an easy way to learn and understand complex ideas.

The Islamic software we offer has been written with the basic premise that the user is offered an easy learning experience so is enjoyable to use, offering real interactive learning time for those using the software.

Look out for our special offers on Islamic software in our store or give us a ring, we may have what you are looking for!

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