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Qibla Compass

Essentials from Al Hidaayah - make sure you have a Qibla compass

qibla compassWhilst not essential for prayer, our Qibla compass allows for easy and correct orientation to the holy shrine of Kabah in Mecca and thus is a great aid for prayer time.

Our range of prayer compasses come with full instructions and a full book of data which allows the user to correctly find the direction for Salat from anywhere in the world.

The Qibla compass really comes into its own when travelling, or when you are new to an area that you have recently moved to. Unfamiliar surroundings can be stressful at the best of times, and with the use of a compass to find the Qibla, the pressure can be taken off of the situation when you need to pray. There is no need to perform prayers in an aimless direction.

Thanks to modern developments, our Qibla compasses are incredibly accurate, making sure that the correct indication is shown. With this knowledge, you can feel secure that the rituals of Islam can be observed. Whether on land, on sea or in the air, it is possible to perform Salat without fear of inaccuracy. See our selection online of Qibla compasses, available separately or attached to prayer mats.

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