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Tafseer Books

Tafseer books to enlighten from Al Hidaayah

tafseer booksThe Holy Quran is full of many ideas and concepts, which may appear complex to many. For this reason, explanations were needed to describe the verses of the Quran. Not necessarily to simplify, but to elaborate upon these verses. These commentaries became the Tafseers; pieces of work designed to interpret the content of the Quran, written to help enlighten those that seek to understand the Quran's words.

For many Muslims, Tasfeer books help the Quran come to life. By commenting and explaining the content of the Quran, verses begin to unfold. Tafsir books also enable a grasp of Arabic, developing an understanding of the classical language. At Al-Hidaayah, we stock many formats, including Tafsir books, CDs and DVDs discussing their content.

Studies from the past come to life with our Tafseer books

Each Tafsir book from Al-Hidaayah has its own voice, and can focus upon a particular point of view. The Tafsir Al-Qurtubi for example, while covering many social, linguistic and spiritual facets, draws attention to the legalities of the Quran. By giving this Tafseer a legal approach, it is possible to understand the implications of the Quran in our every day lives, and how we conduct ourselves among our community. An involved work, Tafsir Al-Qurtubi covers many interpretations of many verses in an interesting and engaging manner.

The Tafseer Ibn Kathir, is a 10 volume set of Tafsir books. One of the most popular commentaries of the Quran, this exhaustive collection from the pen of scholar Hafiz Ibn Kathir reflects the traditions of the era in which it was written. Penned over a thousand years ago, these volumes provide a unique overview of the thoughts and feelings of Muslims of this time. It is easy to see why these Tafsir books demand such respect.

At Al-Hidaayah, we have a magnificent variety of Tafseer books and media online, such as full volumes as described above, as well as collected works. Each of these bring a new realisation and fresh outlook, and you may find Tafseers that help to open up the Quran to you.

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