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Companions Books

A great range of companions books from Al Hidaayah

We offer a range of companions books which look at the thoughts and lives of the companions of Muhammad, explaining their backgrounds and how these followers decided to follow the path of Islam.companions books

The range of companions books we offer gives enlightened information and real life accounts of the greatest heroes of Islam, the Prophet Muhammad's companions. This range of books tells how ordinary people heard the message of Islam and accepted it's teachings and are a great introduction for people of all ages.

The range of companions books from Al Hidaayah contains the Golden series of prophets and companions, a range of 18 books containing the real life stories of the companions of Muhammad such as Abu Bakr As-Siddiq, The First Caliph of Islam and Amr bin Al-'Aas, The Conqueror of Egypt. This collection of companions books gives all of the information required to learn and understand this important subject.

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