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This book is a brief yet extremely beneficial explanation of Sheikh al-Islam Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab�s famous Kitab al-Tawhid. The book, as the title suggests, deals with the subject of worshipping Allah alone without associating partners with Him. The author highlights many matters that have become common among Muslims even though they are clearly acts of shirk or associating partners with All…
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Advice to the Salaf to the Youth Shaikh Abdul-Razzaaq Ibn Abdul-Muhsin al-Badr It is not something ambiguous that the phase of youth is a very important stage in a person’s life. This is because it is the phase of strength, energy, easy activity, strong bodily limbs and soundness of the senses, whereas when the human grows old, his senses and strength weaken. Islam has thus afforde special attenti…
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This book is an explanation of the well known treatise �Usool ath-Thalaathah� which outlines the fundamentals of the Religion, namely: Knowledge concerning Allaah, knowledge of the Religion with proofs, and knowledge concerning the Prophet (peace be upon him). Infact these are the three issues that all of us will be questioned about in the grave. The author has given a comprehensive explanation of…
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Commentary on Shaikh Al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah's Al-Aqidah Al-Wasitiyyah 2 Volumes by Sheikh Muhammad Bin Salih Al-Uthaymeen H/B  £36.95
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An excellent book regarding the greatest and most noble form of worship: du�a - a plea from the very heart of a believer directed towards Allah. It is unlike any other book in its field as it deals with the nature significance and status of du�a in a Muslim�s life. The purpose of this book is to facilitate the reader towards obtaining �practical� benefit, by applying what he reads in his daily lif…
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Fundamentals of Eemaan by Shaykh ‘AbdulAzeez Bin ‘Abdullah Bin Baaz In this book Shaykh ‘AbdulAzeez Bin ‘Abdullah Bin Baaz, may Allaah have mercy upon him, expounds on the fundamentals of Eemaan. From the book (i.e., excerpt): Eemaan is named so because it is connected to the inner affairs; and Allaah, the Majestic and High, knows them. Hence, it is called Eemaan because it is connected to the tru…
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Sketches of Fools and Simpletons by Imam Ibn Jawzi £6.00 Lack of sense leads to acts of foolishness, allowing them to mothball into comical gags. Ibrahim Al-Nazzam was once asked, “What are the limits of foolishness?” To which he replied, “You asked about that which has no limits.” The art of humour is an intricate balancing act between folly and good judgement, measure and discomposure. People of…
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Ten Principles concerning Purification of the Soul Since purifying the soul has this level of importance, it is obligatory upon each Muslim who desires good for himself to give great importance to this matter and to struggle against his soul in his life to actualize this praiseworthy goal; in order that he may be successful in his worldly life and his hereafter, and so that he may enjoy true happi…
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The Daily Routine for the seeker of knowledge Shaykh ʿAbd al-Razzāq Ibn ʿAbd al-Muḥsin al-ʿAbbād said, “Usually, especially at the beginning of the year and particularly with new students, there are many questions concerning the methodology and routine of seeking knowledge, worship and the life of a student of knowledge in general. This is a large question and it is of the utmost importance. Indee…
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Author: Imaam Muhammad Ibn Saaleh al 'Uthaymeen Publisher: Tarbiyyah Bookstore (2008) Pages: 208 Binding: Paperback ______________________________ Description from the publisher: From the introduction of the Shaykh: Certainly, within every science it is important for a person to learn its fundamentals so they may help in understanding the science and extracting the principles of what the science h…
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The Life of The Best of Mankind Imam Ali bin Ali bin Muhammad bin Abi al-Izz ad-Damashagi al-Hanafi [792AH] Explanation by: Shaykh Abdur Razzaq ibn Abdul Muhsin Al-Abbad Al-Badr It is well known to every Muslim what lies in studying the Sirah of the Prophet (Sallalahu alaihi Wassalam) of great benefits, blessed effects, and huge fruits which are produced in the Muslims wordly life as well as the h…

Al Hidaayah Islamic Book Shop

Whether traditional or digital, the Quran is available in all formats

Al-Hidaayah has been at the forefront of bringing a massive range of services and Islamic books to the UK's Muslim community. Presenting a selection of excellent quality products to support and enlighten, we have become a highly respected online provider of Islamic items. We have traditional items like Black Seed products, prayer mats and prayer compasses, as well as Islamic software, Islamic DVDs and our popular range of digital Quran. The latter are perfect examples of how technology can be used to provide a supplement to our traditional methods of worship.

For prayer, Al-Hidaayah has a selection of essential items, from prayer mats and compasses to aid integration of prayer into today's busy lifestyle. Designed to go anywhere with you, the Sajaadati prayer rug is light and compact. Folding down to a practical wallet size, you can use this handy prayer mat either for day to day use or for taking with you on trips or events. Alternatively, measuring 42" x 27", the Dar-Makkah prayer mat which comes with a Qibla compass in one package is also a great quality item. We also have Qibla compasses for sale on their own, which includes a worldwide direction guide book.

Our excellent digital timepieces are designed for Islamic use, with settings to remind you of prayer times. Choose from the stylishly designed digital Adhaan digital clock, or the handsome and subtle Al-Fajr deluxe Islamic watch, featuring the Hiijri and Gregorian calendars. Both Islamic watches and clocks feature a Qibla direction system, which are programmed for use in 230 cities around the world.

Al-Hidaayah for Islamic books in the UK

We stock copies of the Quran in several formats, as well as translations in a number of languages. For a truly modern adaption, the Iqraa Holy Quran Digital Book is an extraordinary way of learning, reciting and listening to the Quran anywhere and anytime. This pocket size device presents translations of text in nine different languages, as well as audio Tafsir books and Hadith collections including Bukhari, Muslim and Abu Dawud. We also have many selections of Quran audio CDs in complete, comprehensive form or as a selection of individual Surahs and chapters. Tafseer collections from many Mufassirin are available to make the path to knowledge an easier one.

Our selection includes volumes by many authoritative and knowledgeable writers who are able to shed light on all facets of the Holy Quran; from family and social life, through to a full linguistic and spiritual exegesis. There have been many studies and publications on the Hadith, and our collection of Hadith books covers a broad variety. In addition to this, we have a wide collection of books on Seerah and the life of the Companions, providing everything from an overview of the Prophet and his Companions, to more in depth treatise on the subject.

For an outstanding selection of Islamic books in the UK, Al-Hidaayah's range is rich with reference material that covers all facets of Muslim life. Reference books include inspirational accounts by people that have embraced Islam from other cultures and religions, to those that have found strength through their belief. When it comes to understanding the history of Islam we have many Islamic history books, helping to understand the background of Islam's vivid past; these are essential to grasp the traditions that have built our faith over the centuries.

Interactive and instructive - Islamic software from Al-Hidaayah

Moving and informative, the Islamic history books at our store add an important dimension to developing an understanding of Islam. We have so many Islamic books online, you will be enthralled by our selection, from historical texts to reference books on Muslim names. Perfect for naming a new baby, or to find out more on the meaning of your own Muslim name, you will find the right book at Al-Hidaayah.

Besides our far reaching range of Islamic books available online, we are also the first choice for Islamic software. Interactive editions of the Quran are available on CD ROM, as well as guides on explanations and details surrounding the Quran, bringing a new way of learning. We also have wonderful packages include Arabic language tuition and historical education for children, as well as guides and in depth tools for adults.

Educational tools, helpful guides and fascinating explorations of Muslim life are brought to you with a superb collection of Islamic DVDs. Follow the recitations and text of our Holy Quran DVD, which also includes English and French translations. Excellent documentaries and thought-provoking programs are also available, bringing to light key discussions and outlooks relevant to Islam today.

Building for the future - children's Islamic books

When it comes to education, our selection of children's Islamic books and resources brings everything you need to teach all the essential values and history of Islam. Our products are designed to develop knowledge of language with Arabic flashcards, understanding prayer, the Quran, and the importance of its teachings.

Colourful and captivating Islamic posters help to explain the world that Allah has created and their place in it. It's not just your children that can benefit from our selection of posters. We have Islamic posters that depict beautiful images, with a selection of words from the Prophet. And it's not just food for thought, but Al-Hidaayah provide a range of Black Seed products for your health and well being.

We are here to help you achieve the Pillars of Islam, and Al-Hidaayah is the place to turn when arranging your Hajj, and embarking on your sacred pilgrimage to Makkah. We have a selection of Hajj books to provide guidance and explain the importance behind the traditions that must be observed. Not only can we organise your Hajj, and provide necessary reference, but we can also supply you with Ihram clothing or Umrah clothing for other times of the year.

Look to Al-Hidaayah for your travel needs, Islamic goods, supplies and Islamic books online.

Best Sellers from Al-Hidaayah
The Daily Routine for The Seeker of KnowledgeThe Daily Routine for The Seeker of Knowledge
Man of Fish (Mazes) by GoodwordMan of Fish (Mazes) by Goodword
Ten Principles Concerning Purification of the SoulTen Principles Concerning Purification of the Soul
Hajj and Umrah Made Easy by Dr. Taqi Hashmi and Adnan Malik KA8797Hajj and Umrah Made Easy by Dr. Taqi Hashmi and Adnan Malik KA8797
 An Explanation of Kitab Al-Tawhid by Allama Abd-Rahman Al-Sadi An Explanation of Kitab Al-Tawhid by Allama Abd-Rahman Al-Sadi



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