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Although several explanations of the original text are available, this exposition is ideal because it has been prepared and presented for the general Muslim populace. Hence, it facilitates the establishment of a firm link between the Prophetic tradition and the practical life of a Muslim. 261pp P/B
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p/b Description from the publisher: Translated and critically edited by Ghassan Abdel Fattah al-Baraqawi and Shariffa A Carlo. This handy title goes into such topics as animal communities, animals praising Allah, the communication of animals, and more. Includes the rights of animals, kindness towards them, protection of life, prohibitions of over-burdening, proper utilization, respect for feelings…
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Drawing heavily from the writings of Sheikh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah and Imam Ibn al-Qayyim, this book gives a unique and well structured insight into the purpose behind the creation of man and jinn. An essential addition to every Islamic library. 94 pp P/B
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Millions of Muslims visit the city of Madina, yet how many of us possess the key to this city? Whilst reading this book it becomes impossi�ble to remain a passive onlooker. It excites the power of emo�tions, informing, inspiring and influencing, References are made to the physical and spirital values of this significant city as well as a brief summary of its social and political life. 118pp P/B
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An English translation of the standard classical book of �Aqeedah, by Imaam Abu Ja�far at-Tahawi. Consists of 105 statements of faith with brief translators notes. It gives a comprehensive picture of what a Muslim should believe in, according to the Qur�an and Sunnah. 24pp P/B
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This particular volume contains a number of articles from the editor of al-Basheer, Jaal al-Din Zarabozo. The articles contained in this volume come from the first two years of al-Basheer. Among the numerous articles contained herein are: �Allah�s Description of the Hypocrites,� �Between Islam and Kufr,� �Islam and Innovations (I): The Meaning of Bidah,� �There is no Compulsion in the Religion,� �…
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