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2nd Edition

Putting things right in the home is a great trust and huge responsibility which every Muslim man and woman should undertake as Allah commands; they should run the affairs of their homes in accordance with the rules set out by Allah. One of the ways of achieving this is by ridding the home of evil things. The author highlights some evil things that actually happen in some homes
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At their Feet - Piety towards Parents

By Ibn al-Jawzi (d. 597)

Allāh the Most High Said: “And your Lord has decreed that you worship none but

Him. And that you be dutiful to your parents...”

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Authority of the Sunnah

By Imam Jalal al-Din al-Suyuti

Allah Most High Said, "And whatever the Messenger has given you, take it; and what

he has forbidden you, refrain from it." [Al-Hashr

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There are those who submit to Allah's order and achieve success. Others are wasteful of time and thereby loss and regret. Whoever lives his life in accordance with Allah's commands, will be rewarded handsomely with multiplied profits beyond imagination. The corrupt one who acts contrarily to Divine Pleasure

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Fearing Allah is the shield for us and our families in this life, for whoever fears Allah then he is protected. It is from amongst the best provisions for a believer, benefiting him in this world, easing his affairs for him, protecting him from shaytaan, causing him to enjoy high station in the world, as well as ease and good tidings at the time of death. Fearing Allah is a treasure which each one
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Hypocrisy is a deep rooted and all-pervading spiritual disease. A person�s heart could be overflowing with it yet be oblivious of it due to its hidden and subtle nature; frequently does it lead a person to think he is acting rightly when in reality he is spreading corruption. This small treatise deals with the characteristics and descriptions of the Hypocrites with two extremely beneficial appendices.

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It is the nature of this life that people suffer from worries and stress, because this world is a place of diseases, hardship and suffering. The West seems particularly engulfed in psychological problems such as anxiety, stress and depression, to the extent that many end up suffering from serious mental illnesses or are led to commit suicide. This book discusses the issue from an Islamic perspective
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A text book on the prayer: Description of the Prophets Prayer

Translated by Ayman ibn Khalid. This edition also includes transliteration for those who cannot read Arabic.

Salah (prayer) is a fundamental act of worship and focal in Islam, its

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It is without doubt that khushu (Calmness, concentration, humility and being present minded in Salah) is one of the greatest assets a Muslim can possess in his faith. It comes with struggle, perseverance, and patience and is obtained only by those who work for it, who really set their sights where they should be

Salah (daily prayer) is the greatest practical pillar of Islam and khushoo is
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Know that all the facets of mankind's disposition are for their benefit - either directly such as the desire for food, or indirectly by preventing harm, such as the capacity for anger. However, when these natural impulses are not moderated it culminates in harm. If the desire for food is excessive it leads

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Know O beloved reader that it is most important to spend one�s time and energy in treating the
heart, and hastening to correct and purify it from sickness and all sins. This is due to the heart occupying a great and lofty position in Islam, for it is the place to which the Lord looks and the storehouse for
Tawhid, faith, and sincerity. Actions are distinguished, one from the other, with
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The discerning scholar is adept at diagnosing the various spiritual illnesses resulting from sins, and treating the malaise in the heart. If he finds a person failing into despair, he tries to ignite the spark of hope in the heart. if, on the other hand, he see that one in a reckless and fearless state, he works to in still the fear of

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One hundred and three Names of Allah that occur in the Qur�an are succinctly and beautifully explained in this book, along with the translator adding some verses of the Qur�an showing the usage of that particular Name in question. Concise and clear descriptions which shall increase the reader�s understanding insha�Allah.

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Forty Hadith on Islam

Imam Abu Bakr al-Ajurri [d.360h]

A number of scholars throughout Muslim history have penned their respective compilation of Forty Hadith books. Imam al-Ajurri’s kitab ularba` in Hadithan is among the earliest.

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In this short yet substantial tract of ibn Qayyim, he pens a message of heartfelt advice and appreciation to a friend of his by the name of Ala Al’Din, invoking Allah’s kindness, guidance and blessings upon him.

Within this translation of the Risalah of Ibn al Qayyim ila Ahadi

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Inheritors of the Prophets

Ibn Rajab al-Hanbali

Possessing scholarly knowledge of Islam brings you closer to your lord, Most Exalted. He is the Possessor of all knowledge and out of His Mercy, has granted some knowledge to His Creation

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Today's pace of life has created an imbalance in many people's priorities, especially in diminishing

spiritual fulfilment. Seldom do we find contentment or a sense of purpose in our daily routine; Masjid's are running on the hollowness of its congregations, homes have become dry of personal

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Description from the publisher:

Steadfastness in the religion of Allaah is a basic requirement for every sincere Muslim who wants to follow the Straight Path with determination and understanding. The present situation of the societies in which Muslims live, the types of temptation to which they are painfully exposed and the kinds of whims and desires, doubts and confusion
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This book authored by one of the great scholars of our time is an advice to the people of Ahulul �Sunnah wal-Jamaah to unify and be merciful to each other, and cooperate upon righteousness and taqwa.

Translation of Shaykh Abdul Muhsin Al-Abaad's work 'Rifqan Ahlus Sunnah'

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By Imam Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah (d. 751H)

There are a numerous verses in the Noble Qur’an by which Allah, the Most High, brings greater clarity and insight when explaining things to mankind. This is done through the use of deep and meaningful parables that are clear for human intellect

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Preventive measures against Shaytan and
Authentic Ruqyah according to the Shariah
Mustafa Ibn Al-Adawi
Paperback 96 Pages
Translated by Bint Manzur Elahi Bhatti

Indeed It is only Shaytan that suggests to you the fear of his helpers, so fear them not, but fear Me, if you are (true) believers. Surah Al-'Imran 3:175}

When Shaytan inflicts a person with his touch
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A new translation and commentary of Kitab at-Tawhid

With Commentray by 15 scholars including:

Shaikh Nasr As Sadi

Shaikh Saalih Al Uthaymeen


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Allah, the Most High, has praised those who possess the attribute of a heightened sense of fear Saying,

"And such (are the believers) who are humbled by the fear of their Lord..." [Al Muminun, 57]

And He also Said: "...

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This is the fifth instalment in the book series, of the illustrious and inimitable scholar of the sixth century Hijri, Imam Ibn al-jawzi, May Allah mercy upon him. The author penned this rare and deeply thought-provoking work with remarkable prose, accompanied with intense imagery designed to impart profound points of benefit harvested

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The challenges of parenthood are experienced by all and many times a parent is hard put to ascertain the correct course of action in bringing up a child in the correct Islamic manner, or, when required, disciplining that child. This treatise is a moving and pertinent advice which

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Translation of Muqaddimah Al-Risalah ibn Abi Zayd al-Qayrawani by Imam Abu Muhammad Abdullah Ibn Abi Zayd al-Qayrawani (310-389 AH).

With commentary of Shaikh Ahmad ibn Yahya Al-Najmi (d. 1429 AH) and the accompanying Arabic text.

The author

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The Prophet peace be upon him said, " There is no trial from the time of Adam's(a.s) creation until the last hour greater than that of Dajjal."

Every Messenger of Allah warned their ummah of dajjal..

The Prophet peace be upon him said, "Allah did not send any prophet but that he warned his nation of the one-eyed liar (Ad-Dajjal). He is one-eyed while your Lord is not one-eyed. The
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Presented to the reader is the book �al-Furqaan bayna Awliyaa ar-Rahmaan wa awliyaa ash-Shaytaan� at a time in which Shaytaan has overcome the majority of mankind and knowledge of the differences between the Awliyaa of the Most Merciful and the awliyaa of Shaytaan is seldom found. In it, the author explained, in detail, the most important differences between the two categories of awliyaa, tackling
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It is from enmity and hopelessness of the devil that his endeavour to misguide mankind from the Path of Allah will persist. This misguidance takes many shades and forms; be it from planting seeds of doubt, or giving rise to deviant ideas antithetical to the sacred teachings of Islam, and essentially becoming entangled within regressive

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Description from the publisher:

These are some brief words about the meaning of knowledge and its classification into that which is beneficial and that which is not; as well as a note regarding the excellence of the knowledge of the Salaf over that of the Khalaf. The way and wisdom of the Salaf, all goodness lies in traversing the way of the Salaf, beneficial Knowledge
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The Foundations of Islam by Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab, Translated by Abu Rumaysah
Paperback 160 Pages
Daar as Sunnah
A classical and concise treatise of Imaam Muhammad bin Abdil-Wahhaab known as Masaa-il-ul-Jaahiliyyah or "Aspects of the Days of Ignorance." The source treatise consists of 128 aspects that the disbelievers adhered to at the time of the advent of Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) which
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The Greatest Invocation for Forgiveness

By Shaikh Abdul-Razzaq Ibn Abdul-Muhsin Al-Badr

Allah the Most High, Said, "Every soul will taste death..." [ Al-Anbiya (21): 35]

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The author set out this treatise, gathering material discussing the Fiqh (understanding), etiquette, forms of supplication, virtues, benefits, preferred times and places for seeking forgiveness. Also the author has mentioned the obstacles which prevent forgiveness (from being accepted).

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The Heavenly Dispute

By Imam Ibn Rajab

Dar as-Sunnah are honoured to bring another classical work of Imam Al-Hafiz Ibn Rajab in the English language. It is an important commentary on the noble hadith of the Prophet (peace and blessing

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