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Hadith Books

Hadith books for guidance and knowledge

The Hadith are referred to as a collection of anecdotes, accounts and stories surrounding the Prophet Muhammad, but for any Muslim it is so much more. It is a connection, a path, to the days of Muhammad, of his teachings and the foundation for Islamic law and life. As you would imagine, the subject is as important as it is fascinating, and we have various collections of Hadith books that investigate the foundations of the Hadith, its implications and its meaning.

While the Hadith are not a substitute for, or equal to, the Quran, the lessons learned from Hadith books are incredibly important. Covering different perspectives of the Hadith, books from Al-Hidaayah examine not only its origins, but also its place in contemporary society. Studies In Early Hadith Literature features an examination of the religious, cultural and legal beliefs and attitudes in Pre and Early Islamic Arabia.

Guides and translations of the Hadith: books at Al-Hidaayah

To aid you in understanding and incorporating the Hadith, books that help with the incorporation of the Hadith are available from Al-Hidaayah. Hadith Status & Role, for example, provides an in-depth focus on the Hadith of the early period of Islamic history, through to the writing of the Six Authentic Collections anthologies. These anthologies are significant, being one of the earliest respected works following the death of the Prophet. Going into great detail of how Muslim communities have been shaped and inspired by the Hadith, this is a useful book for anyone looking for an insight on how the Islamic world is influenced and guided.

Of course, we hold full volumes of the Hadith itself. Skilfully and painstakingly translated into English, each of these Hadith books bring the writings to a broader readership, enabling more people than ever to enjoy these important documents. Of these Hadith books, the collection of Sahih Al-Bukhari is an incredible nine volume hardback collection; a the result of over 16 year's work. Published by Dar-us-Salam, these unabridged volumes are presented in an accessible manner, with three years spent working on the translations.

From intriguing essays and investigations, to full volumes of the Hadith, books from Al-Hidaayah now available to order online.

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