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Commentary On Al-Muzanis Sharus-Sunnah By: Shaykh Ahmad Ibn Yahya an-Najmi

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Commentary On Al-Muzani's Sharhus Sunnah By Al Allamah Ahmad Ibn Yahya An
Najmi The book that lies in front of you - dear reader - is a concise
expression of sound ’aqeedah from one of its earliest sources.
Sharhus-Sunnah was penned by the Noble Imaam Ismaaeel Ibn Yahyaa
al-Muzanee (d.264H) - the student of Imaam ash-Shaafi'ee (d.204H) - over a
millenium ago. In this return to the earliest sources of Islaam, the Imaam
covers all of the foundational issues of faith in Islaam including,
Allaah’s ascendancy over the creation, the Qadr (pre-decree), Eem&aan, the
Qur‘aan, the Attributes of Allaah, the Resurrection, Seeing Allaah in the
Hereafter, the Companions and much more. The ancient text has been
explained by the former Muftee of the Jeezaaan province in Saudi Arabia,
al-’Allaamah Ahmad Ibn Yahyaa an-Najmee (d.1429H). The commentary is
included to make this work comprehensible and clear to the average Muslim
reader. Additional notes have been added from various printings of
Sharhus-Sunnah to provide a comprehensive and historical context to the
benefits contained herein. So we hope - as Imaam al-Muzanee hoped - that
this book will, “clarify to you from the Sunnah an affair that you may
make yourself patient in adherence to it and avert thereby the doubtful
sayings and the deviation in the newly-invented affairs of the misguided

120 Pages
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