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Defending the Deen Sheikh Al-Banis works reply to Stephan Lacroix Revolutionary Lie by Kareem Ibn Raheeb El Hidjaazi

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Defending the Deen

Series 1

Today, ‘academic articles’ on Islam and its various groups have clearly revealed that any ignoramus can thrust himself headlong into the complex field of Islamic sects and their religious differences without having the slightest idea of what they’re writing about. While studying the work of these so called Islamologists and pseudo Middle East specialists, one can only conclude that the overwhelming majority of them are incompetent charlatans exploiting valuable research money from universities like Princeton, Cambridge, Oxford, Ia Sorbonne and Sciences-Po by issuing amateurish articles that often contain self-invented stories, unverified facts or even blatant lies. In France, an elite of secular fundamentalists1 have engaged upon a media vendetta against Muslims who refuse to assimilate to the French uber-culture and abide by its norms. Exploiting the ignorance of the masses, these new generation orientalists have succeeded in demonizing a specific part of France’s Muslim community, describing them in French mainstream media as Islamists, fanatics, fundamentalists, etc. Reporting on Islam and its sects has become a “profit guaranteed! Business; but amazingly, almost every single one of these ‘Islam experts’ is unable to perform routine academic research in the original Arabic books and studies which are the prime source for anyone who wishes to study the origins, influence and development of contemporary Islamic sects. There is probably no other domain of specialization in academic circles where illiteracy of the primal language on which its study is based doesn’t seem to pose a problem with becoming an “expert” in the field. Moreover, their incapacity to perform basic or proper research doesn’t seem to bother them in the least.

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