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Ihram clothing at Al-Hidaayah's online store

ihram clothingWhen embarking on Hajj or Umrah, there are many considerations that need to be undertaken. One of these preparations is the wearing of necessary Ihram clothing. At Al-Hidaayah, we supply Ihram clothing for your pilgrimage. The purpose of Ihram clothing is to ensure that all differences such as social status are levelled, and that we are all equal in the eyes of God. Made from 100% white towelling, adult clothing from Al-Hidayaah is designed perfectly for the requirements of your Umrah or Hajj journey. Our Ihram clothing is made from single pieces of seamless white towelling, with no stitching, as is required for all Hujjaj.

For men, the two piece Ihram clothing must be worn in a specific manner. A sheet must be worn wrapped around the body from naval to knee. Either a belt or a rope is normally tied to secure the garment. The second sheet is placed over the left shoulder and tied around the body, leaving the right shoulder exposed. For female Haji, there are no defined rules. The choice for women tends to accommodate other factors, normally based on the traditions and attitudes of their own region.

Essentials for Hajj: Ihram clothing and much more

During the Hajj, we must direct all thoughts and feelings over to God, and in doing so, the rituals of the Hajj must be observed. For men, the nails, beard and hair are trimmed, and many shave their heads for hygiene reasons. With the necessary cleansing rituals for Hajj, the white material of Ihram clothing practically reflects the need for cleanliness. When embarking on a pilgrimage it is often necessary for more than one set to be taken, and a new piece of Ihram clothing must be worn if it is dirtied or comes into contact with perfume oils.

We are the preferred suppliers of Islamic products for many Muslims, with our convenient and unrivalled online store. Not only can you shop for Ihram clothing, but we also have a great selection of reference material on the subject. Please feel free to contact us for more information on our Ihram clothing, and we will be pleased to advise further.


Shop for Ihram Clothing >