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of Hell From the Quran and Hadeeth by Dr Abdullah Abdurrahman Al-Shimemeri

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Collected and Compiled by Dr Abdullah Abdurrahman Al-Shimemeri Paperback 106 Pages Allah has granted us a certain span of life in this world and with it the ability to think and then decide our course in this life. After that, we will die and be buried. Then we will be brought back to life on the Day of Judgment. Those who did well on the earth will rewarded with Paradise, but those who were unfortunate (i.e., the wrongdoers) will be sent to Hell. The Qur’aan and the Sunnah make it very clear that whoever departs from this world will not return to it again, and repeatedly they warn us that whoever is condemned to Hell will have no exit therefrom. A comprehensive description of Hell and its punishment is offered precisely and accurately in both the Qur’aan and the Sunnah so that one may know exactly what he might be facing. Thus we are given the choice to work towards either Paradise or Hell, and we must keep in mind that in the Hereafter there is no 'second chance'. Indeed, those who decide to reject Islam and proceed on the path leading to Hell will eternally regret their decision. Table of Contents : Its Creation Gates Levels Capacity and Depth Fuel Intensity of Its Fire Its Shade Sparks of its Fire Names Its Keepers Effects upon the Present World Great Number of Inhabitants Size of its Inhabitants Some of its Inhabitants Categories of its Inhabitants Food Drinks Garments Beds and Bedcovers Yokes, Chains and Maces Variance in Degree of Penalties Examples of Punishments Hospitality Ransoms Offered by Its Inhabitants and Attempts to Escape Punishment Duration of Residence and Punishments Some Peoples' Exits Pleas and Supplications of its Inhabitants Arguments and Disputes Within Conversations Between Its Inhabitants and the People of Paradise Those Who Invite to It Means by Which to Avoid Bibliography
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