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Our Duty Concerning What Allah Orders Us With by Shaikh Muhammad bin Abdul Wahab

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Explanatory Notes On The Treatise: Our Duty Concerning What Allāh Orders Us With

95 pages

5.5 x 8.5 softcover

Author: Shaykh ul-Islām Muḥammad Ibn ‘Abdul-Wahhāb

Explainer: Shaykh ʿAbdur-Razzāq Ibn ʿAbdul-Muḥsin al- ʿAbbād al-Badr

Publisher: Maktabatulirshad Publications Ltd

Translator: Abū Sulaymān Muḥammad ʿAbdul-ʿAẓīm Ibn Joshua Baker

So, when the Muslim understands this matter and has certainty that he was not created without purpose and that Allāh (The Exalted) created him to be ordered and prohibited. What is the obligation concerning what Allāh orders and prohibits him with?

The subject of our decision here is:

The obligations which have been placed upon the Muslim, male and female, concerning what Allāh (The Exalted) orders us with are seven great matters. The Imām, the reviver, Shaykh ul-Islām Muḥammad Ibn ‘Abdul-Wahhab (May Allah have mercy upon him) clarified these seven matters in a concise treatise which has great and copious benefits.

What follows are the author’s words which are in need of a brief explanation. The author (May Allah have mercy upon him) said,

إِذَا أَمَرَ اللهُ الْعَبْدَ بِأَمْرٍ ، وَجَبَ عَلَيْهِ فِيهِ سَبْعُ مَرَاتِبَ : الْأُولَى : الْعِلْمُ بِهِ ، الثَّانِيَةُ : مَحَبَّتُهُ ، الثَّالِثَةُ : الْعَزْمُ عَلَى الْفِعْلِ ، الرَّابِعَةُ : الْعَمَلُ ، الْخَامِسَةُ : كَوْنُهُ يَقَعُ عَلَى الْمَشْرُوعِ خَالِصاً صَوَابًا ، السَّادِسَةُ : التَّحْذِيرُ مِنْ فِعْلِ مَا يُحْبِطُهُ ، السَّابِعَةُ : الثَّبَاتُ عَلَيْهِ

“When Allāh gives the servant a command, there are seven levels which one must take:

1 Knowledge of it

2 Having love for it

3 Determination to act upon it

4 Implementation

5 That it is sincerely for Allāh and upon the Sunnah

6 Cautioning against committing acts that will nullify deeds

7 Remaining firm upon it”

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