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Supporting the Rights of the Believing Women by Umm Salamah As-Salafiyyah

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From the introduction of Imaam Muqbil (rh): "Verily in the author are gathered some praiseworthy traits: These include abstaining from wordly pleasures, exemplary character, spreading beneficial knowledge, not wasting time. She spends time by herself in the women's library, substitute teaching for Umm Abdillah Al-Waadi'yyah when she is absent, and effective lecturing" Verily, the Islaamic community is in great need of righteous women who can care for their Muslim sisters so that the corrupted and corrupting callers do not lead them astray. The wives of the Prophet (saaw)as well as the female companions played a major role in spreading the prophetic traditions. In conclusion, I advise the author and her sisters to make a great effort in spreading beneficial knowledge from the Noble Qur’aan, the prophetic traditions, and the ‘Arabic Language, to become knowledgeable in Allaah’s religion, to place an importance on spreading that knowledge by writing and inviting to Allaah and teaching the ignorant women. If Allaah guides one woman by your hand, it is better for you then a red camel. May Allaah firmly establish us all on what he loves and pleases Him." This is a beneficial book which is a must for all women. The right of women is a topic, which many people neglect either because of ignorance, or because of lack of caring for women. The author goes through some of the rights women have and must give. 208pp P/B
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