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The Methodology of the Salaf in Aqeedah and Its Influence on Muslim Unity by Shaykh Saaleh as-Suhaymee

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p/b 96pp Description from the publisher: This simple effort is to explain the foundation and the methodology that the Salafus-Saaleh were upon in ‘Aqeedah; and the extents of the peoples’ deviation from this methodology whereby the speech of the Muslims and their unity have weakened. I have titled it, “The Methodology of the Salaf in ‘Aqeedah and Its Influence on Muslim Unity.” I took it upon myself to write this treatise due to the negligence of many authors in this particular area of ‘Aqeedah. ‘Aqeedah is the first pillar that upholds the foundation which the existence of an Islaamic society rests upon. The ranks of the Muslims rally under this foundation. From this foundation, the people seek out their unity. Under its light, they plow ahead towards the highest peak of glory and honor. Along with the guidance of correct ‘Aqeedah and its principles, they conquer the hearts before they conquer the cities and countries. Indeed, there have been many writers, lectures, gatherings, preachers, and callers who have called for the unity of the Muslims. They have done this by presenting various ways and solutions to unify the ranks of the Muslims. However, these methods and plans are deficient and incomplete, due to their concern for the branches of the religion only. Therefore, we find one group trying to have unity while placing importance on politics, another group on Islaamic etiquettes, and the third group focusing on Targheeb and Tarheeb, asceticism, and piety. However, we find none among these groups focusing on the main foundation and the greatest pillar. This pillar, which is the stronghold and firm starting, points towards Muslim unity; it is none other than the doctrine of Tawheed. Allaah united us after division and joined our hearts after separation. Through Tawheed, we became one nation with one purpose and belief. This is the source of our might; the sign of our happiness and our existence is dependent upon it. Our purpose is to worship Allaah, the One who there is no deity worthy of worship except Him, no Lord other than Him. This is the underlying reason for our existence, which is why Allaah created us.
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